🌿Harvest season

🍑Plums for you🌿
We didn’t have much plums this year so..
for plum lovers only, 

~Limited plum jam and fresh plum set for sale ~


🫙organic Plum(Sumomo) jam

Ingredients: Kibi sugar and Sumomo only



☀️✏️Summer school 🎐

🌞📝 Summer school open 7/23~7/29 & 8/29~31

Siblings 兄弟妹30分×2人/Private45分

お申し込みメールor HP より

▽ △ △ ▽

📝EikenG4 Group Lesson 


□7/25月 10:15~11:15am

□7/27水 9:30~10:30am

📝EikenG5 Group Lesson 

□7/26火 9:30~10:30am

□8/30火   5:15-6:15pm

Students who take a summer lesson, they can have something special! 

💻For making reservation or checking dates, please go check