⌂Store Open 4/30

English books and Goods Store 

Monday, April 30th 
Books and pound cake to go! 
12:30~4:00pm 2:00pm

■English books ALL 10% off 
■Canmore good up to 50% off 
■Stationaries from Canada
■Dog goods from Canada 

Handmade apple poundcake to go! 

kids' sweat shirts 50%off

久しぶりに絵本雑貨お店2F オープンします❖
holiday special sale ~


Fun Egg Hunt time!

Just finished the Easter egg hunt time~ 
All kids made their own original felt treat bags! 


🐇Happy Easter Events

🌷Easter special events 
in April

  • 🐰Egg Hunting Day fee:500yen (brother sisters 800yen)  
max 6kids
Egg 数関係上、1回6-7人までとなります:)

  ◎4/14 土 ☐12:30-1:30pm  ×FULL

                         ☐1:30-2:30pm  ×FULL 

 ◎4/21土  ☐12:30-1:30pm  ×FULL

                   ☐1:30-2:30pm ×FULL

  • 🐣Easter Egg painting Day [fee: 300yen (siblings 500yen) or with egg hunt FREE
max 6kids 

food color をmix させてオリジナルカラーでペイント◎
◎4/30 月(祝) ☐10:00-11:00am  ×FULL
                ☐11:00-12:00  ×FULL
    追加◽︎ 11:30-12:30 ×

お申込み egg hunt 4/12迄
      easter egg 4/28迄