Season's Greetings

Canmore English School
New Semester starts from January 5th 2018~ 
Class schedule notification 

As for Monday class starts from 1/15, make up classes below;

1/8 holiday/ no class 
  □Beaver3  1/6 sat. or 1/13 sat. 11:30-12:30 
        □Bear2      1/5 Fri. 4:00-5:00 or 1/12 4:00-5:00 
        □Bear3      1/6 Sat. 10:30-11:30 or 1/9 Tue. 4:30-5:30 
        □Wolf3     Friday or Tuesday


Christmas and ending 2017

 Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas everyone~
and closing 2017 soon..... really struggling year until middle of this year. never forget.
but because of we have Canmore, tons of students, supporters, we made this year.
Thank you. 

y's secret garden’s made more then fifty this year again, wondering no one have any words about it who haven't faced to hand them..... hopefully they will like it.

x'mas cup cakes 
 ⇑ present frm student!↓thank u

Canmore OB students have been to Canada this year and they've got some survivors for me!
Really glad  they visit us sometimes:)

Lovely students having good Christmas time✡
one more night tonight to go☾

Merry Christmas everyone~ 


🕯Christmas Candles🌟

🎄Special Christmas beewax candles 🌟

All kids made their original design candles for special days!
Hope they can enjoy the light.



🎄Christmas Ornament Making🔔

Time goes really fast....
 already Christmas season is coming~ 
Saturday, December 9th 
Christmas Ornament Making Day


☆12/9 (sat) 
Material fee: 700yen (bro.sisters 1000yen) 

       ①1:00-2:00   ×
         ②2:00-3:00   △1
         ③3:00-4:00  △1
         ④4:00-5:00  △3

2016 Christmas Ornament
蜜蝋粘土で ハンギングボール 
材料の関係上12/4迄 人数増 不可
お申込み⇒外掲示板にてOR ✉canmoreenglish@gmail.com


🍎10/24 Candy Apple Making

Cute candy making time!
For students who took Halloween pancake or lantern making time, it’s free to make cutie yummy mini apples! 🎃
🍎Before or After Halloween fun event, 
there is one more new plan is coming up~

🍎 10/24 火曜日 3:45-4:30
                                4:30-5:15 × FULL
       (cooking, lantern 参加済students FREE!) 

            👻Just had fun Halloween pancake making this year.
Awesome work everyone! 

     🌜Night Tour 1 more night for Saturday Students! 10.24  5:30~7:00pm


👻Halloween Craft & Cooking 🎃

★2 Special Fun Days before the HALLOWEEN NIGHT☽
Halloween is coming soon~!! 

👻Special Day 1      
10/14(土) Halloween Sweets Making 80分 

材料費700yen (兄妹1000yen) 
持ち物: エプロン、保冷バッグor 持ち帰り手提げ

    ◆①12:30-1:50    ×FULL 

    ◆②2:00-3:20      ×FULL 

    ◆3:20-4:40      ×FULL 

     4:30-5:50    ×FULL 

Halloween icing cookies 2016

🎃Special Day 2  

Lantern Making Day 10/18(火) 45分 

材料費300yen(兄妹500yen) h
持ち物:グレープフルーツ1個OR オレンジ1個(yellow grapefruit加工おすすめ!)      

  ☽ ①3:45-4:30  ×FULL

■LED ランタン作り 
Stockmar paint (ドイツ製発色のきれいな水性ペイント) を使って、毎年飾れる素敵な1品をつくります♪

材料費 500yen(兄妹800yen) 
持ち物: 無し

 ☽・4:30-5:15  △2

 ☽・③ 5:15-6:00 ×FULL 


Back to school~

~Back to school~ 

memory of the summer 2017 
fun special events in July!

Shopping event
Thank you all for making sweets & goods! 

Kinders ~Funny summer sea snack making~!