🌱plum sweets🍑

Plum(sumomo) lovers only! 

For Plum lovers who look up this announcement, 

please welcome to join our homemade plum jam making time~ ◎

豊作の年スペシャル~ワークショップ開催スモモジャム& take out 



Blog チェック頂いた方限定ワークショップ開催です.

◎plums500yen/1 per. 

Siblings 800yen 


🍑Tuesday6/29   7:00-7:30pm

🍑Wednesday6/30  5:30-6:10pm

Email: canmoreenglish@gmail.com




Thanks for producing tons of beautiful plums this year🍑
We’ll make jam & juice 

 🫕easy to make plum jam
    Some plums & Kibi sugar put in a low heat for about 30min. 


☀️Summer Special days🍉

2021 Summer event 

will be held on a small scale this year again.

📽July 10th movie time🍿「UP」

11:30-1:00 ×

🎋July 17th summer fun event @outside

12:15-1:30 ×

apply - canmoreenglish@gmail.com